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Theme: In the jungle the mighty jungle... Lots of things grow in the jungle. In Christ we as Christians grow the fruit of the spirit!

The set: Set up the room to look like a jungle. Include a lot of green foilage, vines, etc.

Chatty the monkey: Trash Can Tony's twin brother. Chattty talks nonstop and he is incredibly self centered and egocentric. Chatty often helps with the object lesson by bringing up an item he is playing with.

Einstien the Elephant who NEVER forgets (so he says) Einstien helps the kids learn the Bible verse. He always says he knows it because an elephant never forgets, but he always puts in the wrong words and comes up with something silly several times before actually learning the verse.

Jungle James is a professor who has been exploring the Jungle for 15 years trying to learn the secrets of life. He thinks he is very sophisticated and "brilliant". He brings samples, artifacts and finds from the jungle to share with the kids. The leader uses this information to teach spiritual truths to the children. Jungle James is very clumsy. He falls often and bumps into things all the time.

Crock the Crocodile thinks spiritual things are a crock. All he is interested in is eating. The leader tells him the Bible story every week, but he always thinks he has a better story and it ALWAYS involves eating. He ends every skit with a SNAP! As he tries to take a bite out of the leaders arm. The leader squirts him with some "perfume" every week to chase him away. He doesn't like perfume because it alerts his prey to his presence.

Polly the parrot and Sizzle the snake show up from time to time.

Weekly Lesson Downloads

Jungle lesson 2

Jungle lesson 3

Jungle lesson 4

Jungle lesson 5

Jungle lesson 6

Jungle lesson 8


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