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What is a FROG Binder??

F.R.O.G stands for Fully Responsible, Organized and Growing. The FROG Binder is an organizational tool. It features sections for homework, communication, spelling, notes, lunch money, finished work, and math practice. It is a link between school and home. Your child should bring their binder to school each day. If you have included a note please flag the binder with a post it note to let me know there is new communication. Please check your child's binder regularly.

Inside Front Pocket- 
Newsletters and Notes: The front pocket of the binder is where the children place school newsletters and the myriad of other notes that are sent home. =) 

Zippered pouch: Lunch money/Field Trip notes/office notes (such as early dismissal)

Behavior Log/Class Rules: Children reflect each day on thier behavior.  Please wipe the log clean at the end of the week.

Communication Log: Check here for notes from the teacher or write notes, quesions or comments to the teacher here.

Spelling Section: Ideas for practicing spelling words and word work

Frogtastic Math Facts: Use a dry or wet erase marker to practice math facts and then wipe clean.

Back pocket- Homework

You may download additional pages for your child's FROG Binder here.

Frog binder labels


Class rules

Behavior log

communication cover

communication log

book log

spelling section

Frogtastic math facts

Parent letter and instructions

Frog Binder sheets in Microsoft word

Frog binder cover .doc

Communication Log cover .doc

Communication log .doc

Class rules .doc

Frog binder labels 1

Frog binder labels 2

Frog binder parent letter .doc

Frog binder behavior log .dco

Frog binder fact practice .doc

Frog binder book log .doc

frog binder spelling .doc