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This week's theme: Faith

Goals: To teach the children that:

1. The Bible is our guide for living

2. God wants us to share our faith.

3. Don't keep Jesus a secret

Chef Skit:

The Swedish chef comes in to the room in a crazy and excited manner. Today he is very enthusiastic and energetic. He is very happy because he just discovered the secret recipe used by Mrs. Fields to make chocolate chip cookies! He is jumping up and down shouting at the top of his lungs that he knows the secret! He has samples of his cookies (purchase Mrs. Fields cookies at the grocery store). He is so proud and excited.

However, when the leader asks him for the recipe he refuses to give it to her. He absolutely will not share his secret recipe with her no matter what she does.

The leader tries to convince him that it is not nice to have a good secret like that and not share it. It's not like the kind of secret that you need to keep like about Christmas presents. Secrets that will benefit others were meant for sharing. If you have something good you should share it with others so they can enjoy the goodness too.

The chef still refuses and rushes off to take his next pan of cookies out of the oven.

The leader takes a few minutes to talk about secrets, the kind to keep and the kind not to keep. She explains that some people try to keep the good news of Jesus a secret. They are content to just enjoy the love of Jesus themselves and don't care at all if other people ever get the opportunity to share in the good news.

The Bible is full of stories that tell us how to live and what to do. The Bible tells us how important it is to share our faith in Jesus so that others can come to know Jesus too. One particular story stands out... John 21

Crazy Moose story: Cocoa the crazy moose pops out in the puppet stage with a dead fish. He starts to tell the story of Jesus and how he was cooking fish one day on the beach with his disciples. The leader takes the gross fish while cocoa goes down to get another prop. He comes back with a small toy ship. Cocoa explains that God has lots of ships and he told Peter that if he loved him he needed to fill his ships with fish.

The leader corrects Cocoa and explains that Jesus told Peter to feed his sheep, not fill his ship. Cocoa wants to know why Jesus has sheep and where he keeps them and why Peter needed to feed them for Jesus. Couldn't he feed his own sheep. After all, most people feed their own pets.

The leader explains that when the Bible talks about Jesus' sheep it is talking about us, people. Cocoa is confused. The leader explains that Jesus used the example of a shepherd who takes care of his sheep to describe himself. He is like a good shepherd and we are like the sheep.

Cocoa wants to know then why Peter needs to feed us. The leader explains that Jesus meant that Peter needed to share the good news with every person he could. When he shared God's love with other people it was like taking care of the sheep. If a sheep doesn't get food it will die. If people don't get Jesus they will die and spend eternity in hell. God was telling Peter that he needed to do everything he could to share his faith in Jesus with others.

We show our love for God by sharing our faith. Just as Jesus asked Peter "Do you love me? Then feed my sheep." He asks us the same thing. Do you love Jesus? Then share your faith.

Cool Clyde's death defying double dare:

John 21:17 Feed my sheep.

Cool Clyde comes out to teach the memory verse. After teaching the verse he challenges the kids to his death defying double dare. This dare involves eating something really gross that he has cooked up. One child from each team comes up and takes the item out of Clyde's lunch bag, put it in their mouth and eat it and then recite the verse.

This week Cool Clyde has a top secret concoction.


Hide the Ice game:

You will need an ice cube. Sit the kids in a large circle. Select one kid to be it and stand in the middle. Have the kids pass the ice cube behind their backs while the music plays. When the music stops the player in the middle must attempt to guess who has the ice. If they are correct they trade places with that person. If they are incorrect they remain in the circle.

After playing the game discuss the following:

1. Was it hard to hide who had the ice?

2. Is it hard to hide the good news of Jesus?

3. Why do you think people hide the good news?

4. Why is it important to share our faith?

Fish object lesson:

The Swedish fish comes out with a golf ball. He is a tad bit upset because someone golfed it right into his dish and practically hit him in the head. He gives the golf ball to the leader and suggests that perhaps she can find a use for it.

The leader uses the golf ball to explain a spiritual truth. Get the kids feedback on what golf is and how it is played. The point of the game is to get the ball in the hole. It doesn't usually go in on the first time. It usually takes quite a few swings to actually get it in the hole. You keep trying until it goes in.

When we share our faith, very seldom does someone accept the good news the first time we try. We have to keep trying; sometimes we have to try over and over and over again. Some people are harder than others. Kind of like miniature golf holes; some are harder than others. They take more putts to get in the hole. It's important not to give up.

God doesn't want us to get discouraged in sharing our faith. He wants us to keep trying and trying and trying. The more we share our faith the easier it gets and someday we may get a hole in one.

Obtain a nerf golf set. Allow children to attempt to make a hole in one or set up a small course and allow kids to practice their golf shots.


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