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Welcome to the Jubilee JunkYard....where we discover that the world may be full of Junk, but we are God's treasures!

Set up the room to look like a junk yard with old fencing and miscellaneous junk.
Paint the puppet stage to look like an old junky car with the windshield being the puppet stage opening or as a scene of a junkyard. Build a crushing machine out of old junk. It should be able to smash things like a can crusher. An old shack made from an appliance box will add to the set, but is not necessary.

Leader: The leader interacts with the rest of the characters and leads the lesson.

Junk yard Jack Squat: He is the owner of the junk yard. He is a know it all who is full of useless information and is convinced that he is always right. He is always saying that others "don't know jack... squat!" He can't bear to throw anything out. He is always coming up with new uses for old junk. He introduces the object lesson each week.

Junk yard D.A.W.G.: He is a mean guard dog puppet who always tries to destroy the memory verse before the kids can learn it. He is devious and malicious and nasty.

Trash Can Tony the terrible Monkey: He is a monkey puppet who is always trying to throw a monkey wrench in the lesson. The kids will use the memory verse learned earlier in the lesson to straighten him out.

Risky Rat: He is a big old pack rat that lives at the junk yard. He is a collector of junk and completely self centered. He is only helpful if it is going to benefit him.

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